"I am dedicated to the treatment of stiffness and pain deriving from the soft tissue system (ie muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and connective tissue) through application of remedial manipulation and pressure massage techniques. Correct treatment will also help the bodies other major systems (eg blood circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, excretory, nervous, respiratory, coronary and skeletal) to continue to function effectively. Feeling better also makes a positive contribution toward emotional and spiritual balance."

"Pain is the most debilitating thing for all of us. It has different physical and emotional forms which are often linked. The key to addressing pain is to establish the source, then very often it can be cured or at least robustly managed. Sometimes pain cannot be avoided; but to be at our best we need to be as pain free as possible."

My Experience with Pain

I know what you're going through. I have experienced the depressing distraction and negative effect of constant chronic back pain. Mine started with increased PC use and became ever present. Sleep, sporting activity, walking etc were all affected. When NHS Physiotherapy did not help, I sought an alternative.

Consultation at a Natural Health Clinic led to treatment from a professional Remedial Massage Therapist who remains a friend and mentor to this day. The treatment he administered centred around application of the anatomical, physiological and metabolic facts I had learned whilst completing an A Level in Human Biology back in 1994 whilst working in the Civil Service. (Which was where my curiosity with the human body began.) Although relief was not immediate, I could unmistakably feel the benefits the treatment was having on my body.

An MRI scan confirmed a vertebral disc bulge below spinal joint C7 which was trapping a nerve. I declined the offer of surgery to release the trapped nerve as it included risks. I did however accept the Civil Service’s offer of an orthopaedic assessment which led to the receipt and use of a custom-built chair. This provided correct body posture when sat at my work station from that point on. This is something that my own experience then, and work as a therapist since, has shown to be absolutely crucial. Eventually; after regular sessions of remedial massage, use of the chair, plus the regular performance of specific bespoke exercises, the pain subsided.

These experiences gave me great belief in proper anatomically based massage and I realised that by becoming a practitioner myself I could help treat physical pain and deliver great customer service at the same time.